Christmas Leftovers

As we enter these days at the end of the Christmas season, many of us tend to have some “Christmas leftovers,” things that aren’t as exciting now as they were in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This week, Pastor Adam asks the question, “What could God accomplish through us if we would take Christmas, and all that it represents, far beyond this season?” As we recalibrate our perspective of Christmas, we are reminded that it is only the beginning of a bigger story.

Avalanche of Generosity – God’s Greatest Gift

Looking at the beginning of the Christmas story in Matthew 1, we read of the birth of Jesus. At the end of that passage, we see His name of Immanuel, meaning “God is with us.” Here, we see God’s presence to us was the ultimate gift, bringing hope to each of us in the world. This week in our “Avalanche of Generosity” series, Pastor Jesse unpacks what God’s gift of hope to the world is, and what it looks like to demonstrate God’s heart towards others as we share that gift with everyone.

Avalanche of Generosity – Family

Do you ever feel like your family is too far gone, in some sense, to be used by God? Looking at the scripture above, we get a glimpse of some non-traditional dynamics of Jesus’s family. Continuing our “Avalanche of Generosity” series this week, Pastor Jeremiah takes us through some passages showing Jesus and His family, Mary and Joseph, and His brothers. Listen, as we see what it looks like to experience God as He uses our families, no matter what they may look like, to do amazing things through Him.

Avalanche of Generosity – Protector

As Pastor Jesse continues our “Avalanche of Generosity” series, we explore the concept of God as the Warrior and Protector of His children, and we look at how that translates as we stand up for those around us who are in need of that protection.