The Book of Joshua | Chapters 22-24

As God directs us into new and unfamiliar situations, we tend to focus on the unknown newness of radical change and the challenges we face along the way. This week, as we conclude our walk through the Book of Joshua, Pastor Jesse examines how we can work through these transitions as we choose to pursue God wherever He directs us as we progress into these new lands we encounter.

The Book of Joshua | Chapters 20-21

This week, Pastor Jeremiah asks the question, “Have you ever wished you could undo that one significant decision that didn’t seem so significant at the time you made it?” As we look at chapters 20 and 21 in the Book of Joshua this week, we see such an instance. Here we make some observations from this passage, and examine some truths we can take away into similar circumstances we may experience.

The Book of Joshua | Chapters 11-13

At times for many, there are situations where we “almost win,” but we leave a remnant of Ungodliness in our lives. This week, as we lean back into the Book of Joshua, Pastor Jesse looks at three cities mentioned in Joshua 11-13 and what happened because there was that remnant of Ungodliness that continued to live there after the battles were fought, battles that must be fully won in our lives for full victory.