Are You Ready | Week 1

There are so many situations and seasons that we face as we live out our lives. Most of us never feel quite ready as we experience the up, downs, and uncertainty that is often a part of our families, work, school,
and church. The changes and transitions that we can find ourselves working through are not always planned or welcomed, but we are left trying to navigate them and decide what our next steps are in
order to move forward.

The hope we have is that God knows every detail of these events and moments in our lives. He is never surprised. He is always ready to respond and help us move forward toward His plans and goals. God wants to prepare us – so that we are in the place where we are ready when he asks us to “go”, or “do”, or “be a part of.”

Are we looking for God and what He wants in our lives – our families – our communities – and our church? When He moves and speaks – are we ready to be a part of it?