Christmas Leftovers

There are so many leftovers in that week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

So many decisions to be made about those leftovers.

How long do we keep the food? How long can we actually save it and eat it? How many times can we eat the same things over and over again? How long do we leave up the decorations? Do we keep these gifts? Will we actually use them? Should we return them? Should we find a closet space to bury them and forget about them entirely?

The build up to Christmas can be been busy, exhausting, and exciting – as it all lead to the anticipated day.

Then we suddenly find ourselves in the leftovers of it all. Stuck between the stories and songs of love, hope, peace, joy – and the looming pressure of a new year. Do I need to make a resolution about something? Can I possibly keep it? What will this new year hold for me? Will things stay the same? Will anything be different?

On that first Christmas – God changed the world by sending His son Jesus as the greatest gift ever given. The power and hope we hear about in that Christmas story is still the same today. It can truly change our lives and be the beginning of something new. Don’t let that thing that God wants to do in your life get lost among the leftovers this year.

Christmas Leftovers

As we enter these days at the end of the Christmas season, many of us tend to have some “Christmas leftovers,” things that aren’t as exciting now as they were in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This week, Pastor Adam asks the question, “What could God accomplish through us if we would take Christmas, and all that it represents, far beyond this season?” As we recalibrate our perspective of Christmas, we are reminded that it is only the beginning of a bigger story.