Restored | Purity

As we wrap up our “Restored” message series this week, Pastor Jesse looks to God’s Word in regards to the idea of purity and how it relates to our sex lives. Listen in as we look at 1 Corinthians 6 and check out what purity looks like to God as we explore the concept that living a life of purity aligns our actions and our heart with God’s perfect design.

Restored | Spiritual Roles

When it comes to relationships, there are roles for which we were created for as men and women. As we continue our “Restored” message series this week, Pastor Jesse looks at the concept that God created men and women different and complementary to each other. Listen in as he looks at what God’s Word says about our differences and how those differences complement one another in our marriage relationships.

Restored | Communication

There can be times in our relationships with others where it can feel like we go out of our way to navigate through the challenges of communicating with them, but sometimes it seems as if our communication with some people can fail no matter how much we work at it.

As we continue our “Restored” message series this week, Pastor Jeremiah spells out the importance of the way we interact with one another as we connect and communicate in relationship with others.

Restored | Intimacy

In the story of Creation in Genesis, we see where God created us for intimate relationships. As we begin our “Restored” message series this week, Pastor Jesse introduces the concept of intimacy as a process and examines types of intimacy as we encounter others in our various relationships. Listen in as we identify ways that can kill our relationships, along with the most important element that binds them together.