Mark your calendars for August 26th!
This will be SLW’s Alive Baptism Celebration & Picnic at the Stoneboro Lake @ 10:00am! 

SLW’s Alive Baptism Celebration & Picnic
Stoneboro Lake @ 10:00am
193 Franklin St, Stoneboro, PA 16153

Join us beginning at 10:00am at the Stoneboro Lake for our
Alive Worship Service and Family Picnic!

Hot dogs, sloppy joes, drinks and place settings
will be provided.

Please bring ONE dozen cookies AND a side dish of your choice (pasta salad, baked beans, etc.).
**Note: Refrigeration will not be available.
Please plan accordingly. There is electric- so crockpots are fine.

Swimming and fishing is allowed—There will be no lifeguards.
Lawn chairs optional, but welcomed!

For more information about baptism or if you would like to take this next step please contact the church office at