What is an avalanche of generosity?

The story of Christmas is a story of generosity. This Christmas SLW will be participating in a series of generous acts globally, regionally and locally, as we reflect God’s generous heart for us this season.

You’re Invited

You are invited to be a part of an Avalanche of Generosity beginning Sunday, December 2 and continuing through December 23rd.

This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. ~John 3:16a (MSG)

At its heart, Christmas time is designed to be a celebration of the greatest act of generosity humanity has ever experienced: When God demonstrated his great love for us by giving His Son. The depth and power of that gift are impossible for us to fully grasp, but we know it changed everything.

In a season where we can often be tempted to celebrate by what we get, what would it look for us to instead be marked as people of God-like generosity? Imagine what would happen in our families, the groups we’re part of, our communities, and even our region if we lived as generously as possible.

We’re inviting you to get caught up in an avalanche of generosity this Christmas—to be part of making someone’s day, week, month, and year by responding to God’s great generosity with generous living…SLW style. You won’t want to miss what God does when we live out his generous heart!