Questioning God | Week 2

“How long, O Lord, must I call for help? But you do not listen!” —Habakkuk 1:2a

Do you have a question for God? Why do innocent people get killed by drunk drivers? Can someone who was saved “lose” their salvation? Do all dogs really go to heaven? What do I do when God doesn’t answer my prayers? Why does God seem silent and so far away when I need Him the most? Is it even OK that I have these questions for God? Should I even dare ask Him these things and what’s really on my mind?

We’re inviting all seekers, skeptics and inquiring minds to join us at SLW Church for our next 7 week series, “Questioning God”. Bring your doubts, concerns and questions along with a heart that is ready to find answers together. We will tackle these questions and many more over the next 7 weeks. It’s alright to question God; let’s just not get stuck there! Join us each Sunday @ 9:30am.